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Always find your way home

Citymapper is one of the best transit apps on the market. Available in a host of cities, this app integrates virtually all of a city's transit options into one handy app!

Travel options from A to Z

Citymapper is probably best for the endless number of transportation options available to you. Your journey starts by clicking 'Get me somewhere'. You can choose to 'Start' at your own location, or when planning ahead, start from a different location. Switch to the 'End' tab, type in where you want to go, and click 'Get Route'.

Citymapper gives you the estimated time and cost for walking, cycling (including the number of calories you'll burn), suggested subway routes, suggested bus routes, a bus only or subway only route, the estimated cost and time of taking a taxi, and a rain-safe route to battle any unruly weather. It even provides a few quirky options like Catapult and Jetpack. A built in weather report gives you the weather conditions at your destination. Citymapper also contains an in-app map, a city subway map for reference, as well as line status and weekend closures.

Finding your way

Clicking on a bus, subway or train route will give you live departure times to help you plan your journey in advance. Clicking on the cycling option will give you detailed info on the cycle hire stations near your start and end locations (if available in your city), as well as the availability of cycles at the station. The cab option is integrated with Hailo, so if you want to take a taxi, you'll be taken straight to Hailo within the app.

An added bonus in Citymapper is the 'Get me home' function. Simply tap on the button and the GPS locator will give you directions to your saved home address from wherever you are in the city. A similar idea is applied to the 'Get me to work' function.

You can sign-up to save locations and your data via Facebook or Google+, as well as sync it across the web platform and other devices.

Arriving on time

Citymapper feels very intuitive and has a really nice interface. The layout of different travel options all on one screen makes it incredibly convenient to compare travel times and prices. The live updates for bus, subway, and train are really reliable, and the map does a good job of giving clear directions.

In a league of its own

Citymapper utilizes all the open travel data available in cities like London, New York, and Berlin, and it does so really well, accurately predicting travel times and costs. Citymapper makes it easy to get around any city, easily replacing at least four travel apps with one. As it continues to expand to more cities, the layout, design, and functionality of the app definitely make it one of the best thought-out travel apps on the market.


  • Multiple travel options
  • Live bus, subway, and train departures
  • Estimated cost and travel times
  • Line and status updates


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Citymapper 8.0.2 for Android


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